Application Process

Applications for The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Innovation Fund are now closed. Thank you for your interest. We anticipate inviting applications for a second open call in early 2020.

Who Should Apply?

The Innovation Fund will award grants for emerging technologies and solutions focused on food waste prevention, recovery and recycling. These solutions are outlined in the Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste developed by ReFED, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating solutions to end food waste.

We will give special attention to solutions in the food waste prevention category. We will consider applications from organizations that meet the following criteria:

Who Should Apply?

Why Apply?

Being part of the Innovation Fund community gives you a chance to shine. We are excited to welcome our first cohort and work together to drive change in the U.S. food system that makes a difference. Grant recipients will receive:

Why Apply?

How Will We Evaluate Proposals?

We are looking for projects that meet the following Evaluation Criteria:

Does the concept align with Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste social impact plan?
The initiative supports the prevention, recovery or recycling of food waste.
Is the concept innovative?
The idea or project brings something new to the work that is already being done to reduce food waste.
Is the concept scalable or replicable?
The project has the potential to scale across many communities. The project can work under many different scenarios or in many different communities or has many use cases. It can be transferable to a large number of people and organizations in the U.S.
Does the team have the correct skill set?
Testing, piloting and ultimately scaling a new concept requires a combination of technical, market and management execution skills.
Is the impact measurable?
The Innovation Fund is focused on helping scale solutions that can play a meaningful role in supporting Zero Hunger | Zero Waste. A key focus for grant funding will be to support solutions where the impact can be measured as a way of supporting scale-up.
Is the solution applicable to Kroger communities?
While the Innovation Fund can support companies and projects across the country, we prefer solutions that could have a direct positive effect on Kroger communities.
Does the concept have a long-term sustainable funding model or an initial view on how to develop a sustainable funding model?
The Innovation Fund focuses on supporting new innovations as they scale and is not intended to provide ongoing operational support for organizations. As such, line of sight to the future funding model is important.
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